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Short overview on how to shoot videos at low light like a pro
Shooting video in low light is not the most difficult task, but for a beginner it can be a bit ... ...

Short overview on how to shoot videos at low light like a pro

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Posted on: 05/31/20

Shooting video in low light is not the most difficult task, but for a beginner it can be a bit complicated. The main reason for this is that you first need to think about capturing high-quality video thatíll catch the entire color palette of the scene. To do so, you can use a lot of various methods and tricks from creating yourself a special environment or, if youíre recording outdoors, use some additional devices or buy yourself a new camera. Or even do both, if you want to catch a video with a highest quality. And in our article weíll tell you about doing so without missing the main point.

How to adjust your camera to work at low light?

Buying yourself a new camera and a lot of tools is the easiest way of shooting at low light, but if youíre low on funds, thatís not an option, at least not for the moment. But you can use our article as a guide and a source of useful tips and tricks on how to do low-light recording without any troubles if your device allows you to do so.

Most of the basic devices do not have manual settings to adjust exposure. Some of them though are including pre-configured scene modes that are unable to be adjusted. Something like ďNightĒ or ďNight portraitĒ mode will fit your needs and will help you shoot the best possible video quality that your device is capable of shooting at low light environment. Several camcorders also have Night Vision mode that allows you to record even without any light at all. However, itíll give your recording a somewhat ghostly look.

If youíre lucky and your camcorder can be configured manually, try to experiment with aperture adjustment and shutter speed. And always keep in mind that a too slow shutter speed can make moving objects to be somewhat blurry at the output video. If youíre even more lucky, adjust the ISO sensitivity, which can go up to ISO 6400 or even higher so your camcorder will be able to capture more light. But be careful because at very high ISO values you can get some unwanted grain, artefacts or an unnatural color.

Nevertheless, if youíre unlucky and even playing with settings on your camcorder didnít brought you the proper result, itís time to get yourself a new one whichíll have a much more powerful low-light recording capabilities. And weíll bring you some good variants of the camcorders thatíll suit your needs.

Canon LEGRIA HF G50 4K

You canít get yourself a camcorder thatíll be better than this one when it comes to a low-light recording. This model is one of the best compact camcorders suitable for take-and-go recordings - it has an ergonomic design and is lightweight enough yet being powerful. With features like a CMOS sensor, DIGIC DV 6 powerful processing system, an optical image stabilizer and a 20x zoom lens with instant autofocus feature, itíll give you a superior 4K video output. 

Sony FDRAX33 4K  

This camcorder is a great deal for your needs thus it can capture 4K video without an issue. With its direct pixel reading itíll provide you a smooth picture without any oversharpened edges or color artifacts even at high ISO values. Furthermore, its shutter, exposure and white balance settings could be adjusted on the run via mechanical ring. And thatís not the last feature, because this camcorder is capable of recording sound at high quality with its 5.1 Ch mic. 

Cleveland Paranormal Supply 4K Full Spectrum

Almost noname for most of the camcorder users, but theyíve got some really great camcorders. Power thatís inside is really astonishing - Electronic Image Stabilization, 30x zoom, Ultra HQ mic, HD IPS screen, built-in Wi-Fi module to sync with Android and even an infrared LED. Itís somewhat superior even to some branded models because of its single-button mode switch from standard to infrared or even full spectrum mode. All modes are highly configurable due to its custom proprietary firmware.

So, if you want to get great videos in low light, you need to choose do some tricks or, and thatíll be better, buy yourself the right camera. Of course, you donít need to choose a price or 4K resolution - even Full HD will be enough if the device is capable of shooting video with low noise, high quality and high definition. And it will definitely save you money. But if those low-light shootings will be your main tasks, think twice and surely get yourself a new camcorder.


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