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Quick guide on delegating webmaster's routine somwhere else

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Posted on: 05/31/20

Website monitoring, of you ask me, is a helluva job for a webmasters. Causing a lot of pain below the back, itís also one of the vital parts of the overall maintenance, so it must be done no matter how. Of course, every webmaster sooner or later will start looking for a way of easing life up, thus beginning to use some custom scripts or not too reliable yet automated software to deal with that thing. Itís especially true if youíre a pro, freelancing for some different companies at the same time.

In that case, you must be sure that everythingís done, and if you have no tools for monitoring, youíll be on deep pile of something stinky. Me myself have one such, and Iím happy to tell you some about it. First thing first ó Iím a bit lazy if it comes to doing daily routine, so itís useful for me to have something thatíll do that hardest part of the job. So, when I looked for such thing, I had stumbled upon HostTracker ó website monitoring platform that became my own tool of the trade.

When I visited for the first time, it got my attention with its free trial period. Its Trial Package is including 30 days of access without any limitations, and that made me try it. Furthermore, HostTracker has a variety of versatile paid Service Packages for subscription which are suitable for anyone from beginners to pros. I got the Business one because it was suitable for me myself, and thatís why I had done so. 

One of the major cons which followed the trial pack was the limit of monitored URLs. A quick glance immediately drew my attention to the limit of 150 simultaneously monitored websites. It was good for me even though I had only about 20 of them to work with at the time, but its count only increased for past 5 months, so it was my kind of advantage. With the support of a huge monitoring network it became a truly lifesaver for me, and it might became the same for you if you opt in for a HostTracker.

By the way, if youíre a webmaster whoís just started to get into that thing and you want to know some more about being a pro, youíll find out a lot of useful things here too. One of those feats is a Support thatíll help you if you somehow got stuck with service configuration. Round-the-clock available, its specialists are always ready to help anyone. FAQ and Blog will be useful for you too. Literally, theyíve got almost everything vital that I had studied at the institute


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